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Impression Nantang

Built along Nantang River, Nantang Street stretches 1800 meters long from Jinxiu Rd in the north to Wenzhou Avenue (Hualongqiao River) in the south. “Impression Nantang” is composed of north and south Nantang landscape Street and Bailuzhou cultural village, between which there are two landscape bridges connecting the two projects, with a total construction area of 61447.16 square meters and commercial space of 46400.23 square meters.

Nantang River is the north endpoint of Wenruitang River, which refers to the river between Chayuan Temple to Longfang Bridge or Hualongqiao River. Nantang originally means the embankment in the city south, used for keeping out seawater.

In ancient times, Nantang Street started from Lihui Bridge in the north, passing across Shanqian Street,ended in Litian North Street in the south. In order to travel across the entire Nantang Street, people would have to go through six bridges, namely “Lihui Bridge”, “Mishai Bridge”, “Yinghua Bridge”, “Xiangtou Bridge” and “Jinlong Bridge”, of which “Mishai Bridge” and “Jinlong Bridge” are still existing in the street.

The culture of Nantang Street is not only a part of Wenzhou culture, but also enjoys its own unique characters. There are rich folk customs: lots of lanterns hang everywhere in the street in Spring Festival; dragon boat races are carried out in full swing in Dragon Boat Festival; specifically in the Moon Cake Festival, people can row a boat and play on the waterside, having a visual feast of the beautiful scenery in Jiangnan.

For the sake of presenting the prosperity of Nantang Street once more, a reconstruction has been conducted since 2006.

Nowadays, Nantang Street has been regarded as a comprehensive cultural tourism commercial street of leisure, fashion, shopping, catering, recreation and culture, and has received a great expectation. People even compare it to Hefang Street in Hangzhou and Shanghai New World, and call it “city parlor of Wenzhou”.

Bailuzhou cultural village, across the river with Nantang landscape, is also ready for lease. The cultural village will run culture-related businesses. By then, Nantang Landscape and Bailuzhou cultural village will develop into a rather integral layout, and better integrate business and culture.



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